Build Your DIY Survival Kit Based on Pillars of Survival

If you’re looking to build your own survival kit, then you will definitely want to keep the main pillars of survival in mind. While it can be tempting to throw in a ton of stuff until you have a 40 pound kit, this won’t do you any good, because you will never carry it around with you. You need a survival kit that is portable, filled with items that can serve multiple purposes, and addresses all the needs set out by the pillars of survival.

Remember that every item in your kit should directly relate to one of these pillars, if not more, and by keeping these in mind when you put together your gear, you’re going to give yourself a much more complete kit and have a far better chance of coming out of the wilderness safe.

The first pillar is core temperature. This is critical, and too often overlooked. If your body temperature gets too hot, you will die. If it gets too cold, you will also die. A winter blanket and the ability to start a fire help with the cold, but you will want items to help with water and shade to avoid heat, as well.

The second pillar is water. Water purification tablets are an absolute must, period end of statement.

The third survival pillar to consider is shelter. This isn’t only to keep you in shade, or out of cold and rain, but it gives you a place to rest and conserve energy, as well as put something between you and any other harm nature can toss at you.

Fourth is food. While this is far less important than the others, you will have far more energy and be far more capable of helping yourself even on minimal food after three or four days than if you have none at all.

Remember those pillars, and your do it yourself survival kit will be designed to help you through the worst you might run into, and you will be prepared for every situation because of your planning.

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